Alexander, Gloridine

Hello My Name Is...

Ms. Alexander

Welcome to an Absolutely, Positively, Awesome New School Year

I was born and raised in Miami, Florida, the Sunshine State.  In 2015, I moved to Macon, Georgia to teach in the Bibb County School System. I have had no regrets about moving to Macon it has been a great place to live. I have taught several grade levels between 3rd and 6th grade. I have taught 4th grade the longest and absolutely love teaching. My 2 very handsome and wise sons live in Georgia as well. I am the very proud grandmother of 3 grandchildren. I have 3 wonderful sisters and one older, amazing brother.

I am a proud graduate of an Historic Black University, Florida Memorial in 1993 with a Bachelors’ degree in Early Childhood Education. Later, I attended University of Phoenix and earned my master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction.

 I look forward to many more years of teaching brilliant students everywhere!


I see teaching as involving a reciprocal relationship between teachers and students. I believe that teachers have duties to their students and that students have duties to their teachers. I believe that it is my responsibility as a teacher to provide students with an environment conducive to learning,  knowledge that will help them be successful in achieving their lives' goals,  materials, opportunities, and feedback that will help them learn. I also believe that it is my responsibility to help them in becoming and remaining motivated to be successful both in their studies and in applying their knowledge to solve problems in their lives. I believe that my students have duties to me, to their fellow students, and to themselves. These duties support me in fulfilling my duties to students as well as it is the students' responsibility to be supportive of the teacher and fellow students by being tolerant of different points of view, prepared for class, willing to work hard to complete course activities, and willing to bring their life experiences into the class to enrich discussions, and willing to try to apply what they learn in class to solve the problems they face on their jobs and in their lives.

Therefore, because of the reciprocal nature of the duties between teachers and students, I believe that it is a fundamental mistake to see students as customers or as clients because such a view incorrectly implies that the primary duties in the relationship are the teachers' duties to the students and virtually ignores the duties of students to their teachers, fellow students, and themselves. Since I teach four different courses that span three different areas of management, I provide a more detailed discussion of how my teaching philosophy relates to what and how I do things in each individual course. This impactful philosophy has embraced every fiber of my beliefs and where I stand as a teacher.